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We got our first gunieas amost 1 year ago. They have been a pleasure to have around. Make no mistake they can be noisy, but most of the time it is just to warn of something unusual going on around the farm.  We started out with 20, but due to hot rodders on our 35 a mile an hour road we have lost a few there, ( gunieas are not to quick to get out of the road). And some to prediators. We are down at present time to 13.
That being said, we finally found our first nest. ( 3 in all so far). And of course, we rushed out and got an incubator. We now have 40 eggs as of today, that we hope will all hatch in 28 days. This is our first attempt, so we are reading and reading and reading and hopefully retaining what we read.
If all goes well, we will be selling some of the keets after they are born.
Gunieas are great to rid your farm or yard of ticks, bugs, and yes they even help out in the garden.
If you are interested in having gunieas, I sugguest that you read up on raising and housing them before you get them so you will be set up when you bring them home..

Did I mention how much fun they are to watch....they really can put on a great show....

Our First Keet hatched this morning , a few days early. This afternoon another hatched. They are so cute. I go down every few minutes to see if another egg is cracking.  Believe me, it's as bad as waiting for your 1st grandchild to be born. Pictures to follow......

My First Keets Born on the Farm

5 born so far, (june 19th, 08) with 5 more pipping.  It sure is a slow process, almost as bad as having a baby. As of June 22, we have 16 babies.


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