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Mabels "Boer" Stables

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We have 8 Children and 14 Grandchildren. Our Goat Farm , which now has (3 )100% Registered Boer Bucks, 16 Does, 10 barn cats, our dog, "Misty", and our goat guard Dogs, "Tiger,"  "Splash"  and Bonnie, "Sheba" our herding dog and Benji our outside guard dog. 

I am  affectionately known as "Goat Granny". A name I have been given by my grandchildren and carry proudly . And of course, there's PaPaw as the grandchildren call him.

Employees play an important role in any business. We currently have 2 "employees". PaPaw and Goat Granny. We are, as you can see, a family owned and run venture, and very proud of it.

Our Businesses

PaPaw and Goat Granny live on a small farm in east Tennessee, surrounded by the Appalachian Mountains. We have been raising Goats for several years. We also have 3 guard dogs, several barn cats, and lots of work to be done....hint ! We also make and sell handpainted ceramics or bisque, and Goat Milk Soap on the farm. You will find on our links page that we also have links to our web pages as well.  Check us out....

Mabel's "Boer" Stables * 630 Johnson Road* Greeneville * TN * 37743

We are members of IBGA

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Mabels Boer Stables
630 Johnson Rd.
Greeneville, Tn. 37743